This book is about avoiding or overcoming unhealthy dependency in the Christian movement. It contains a description of the dependency syndrome, its historical development and how to overcome it.

Though unhealthy dependency is widespread, the basic premise of this book is that it does not need to be considered an incurable illness. The reader will be introduced to churches that were once victims of unhealthy dependency but learned how to overcome it. There are many practical illustrations and suggestions for those in Christian service who face the challenge of avoiding or overcoming unhealthy dependency.

Other issues dealt with include medical mission institutions, short-term missions and, most significantly, long-term missionary service. Several chapters are a basic introduction to cross-cultural issues for missionaries and church leaders. The author welcomes interaction with those who want to seriously deal with the mentality of dependency in the Christian movement.


A must have for church leaders! 
A compilation of some of Schwartz's legacy of work in eliminating dependency caused by the Western church in mission contexts, this work will provide some challenging insights to those who work in church missions and Christian relief agencies. This work doesn't provide pat answers but gives concepts that should inform our work with the poor around the world. Mostly coming from African contexts, he gives lots of solid illustrations, many from personal experience. What is most appreciated is the spiritual nature in which the discussion is handled. I bought a copy for every person on my missions committee and will be working through the implications of this book with them for quite some time.  (Read More Reviews)